Play (2013) by Andrew Norman

Clocking in at 47 minutes, Play is a sprawling orchestral cycle of three large movements—a symphony in all but name—that explores the myriad ways musicians can play with, against, or apart from one another. It weds traditional symphonic logic to the non-linear narrative techniques and exuberant tone of a video game, and it dives headlong into the potent theatrical possibilities inherent in the physical gestures of live orchestral playing.

Read more about Play in this essay in Music & Literature by Lanzilotti: "Cut to a Different World": Andrew Norman.

PLAY - Dirty Gliss

PLAY - m.s.p. scratch bounce

PLAY - Shifted Major Chord

PLAY - Slow Motion Bow / Gritty Sound

PLAY - Heavy Bow Pressure with Light Fingered Tremolo

PLAY - Pitchless Bounce with Noisy Shift

PLAY - Slow Motion Bow, Slow Motion Gliss